Intern Program

Providing full time students with a work placement is an integral part of the APM experience. Taking on an intern is a free service and is a great way to gain assistance with:

  • promotions & publicity
  • co-ordinating functions and events
  • writing and distributing media releases
  • researching special projects
  • producing sales material
  • compiling target lists
  • working on database projects

If you could use extra resources for these or any other tasks, the APM Internship Program is for you.
Students are placed in a relevant industry organisation for 2 consecutive days per week from July to December.

Taking on an intern is of no cost to you and offers you the opportunity to work with an enthusiastic student keen to be involved in your industry.

The Internship Program gives you:

  • Qualified help two consecutive days per week
  • The chance to give a student some “real world” experience
  • A fully insured no-risk employee

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